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This acronym causes irritation, joy, discomfort, rejection... Although it was possible to use the expressions originally used as swear words as defiant words and thus achieve a reversal, freedom, tolerance and openness still do not exist. LGBTIQ* in English means "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual, Queer." And the asterisk counts for all others who are not yet listed but still somehow belong to the LGBTIQ movement.

Worldwide, this is experienced and treated very differently, which is a depressing, tragic reality. In 69 countries homosexuality is still prosecuted, in 11 countries even the death penalty for lesbians and gays is threatened. In many places, state authorities are involved in the oppression of LGBTI people, denying them any protection from hostility and violence. There is a world map created by ILGA world (worldwide federation of LGBTI organizations) that shows the handling of laws on sexual orientation.

Queer. There I am located now and feel well in my queer-feminist way of life. I am against binary classifications, like man, woman, like black, white etc. These cause expectations that cannot and will not be fulfilled. They make heteronormativity the norm, support patriarchy, and promote sexism. They cause exclusions. They cause suffering, which is inflicted on people who question these norms, who discard them, who cannot and do not want to live them, who have overcome them. 


"Actually, I wanted to become a soccer player as a child, but in those days this was given over to a gentle laugh. I kicked anyway, but I left the dream of doing this professionally, because I also had no idea how this should be feasible. It was not until 1982 - somewhat too late for me - that the Austrian Football Association officially recognized women's soccer. Today, I enjoy reading books like ONE LIFE by Megan Rapinoe and seeing what can be possible. At the latest since winning the 2019 World Cup in France, the US-American has become an icon of her sport and is an unconditional advocate for LGBTIQ*."